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Pre Lunch Sessions: Intradiscal Procedures

Time Topic Speaker
0900-0925 Hrs Extensive Anatomy of Disc
• Disc degeneration and other pathologies
• Sources of Spinal pain
Dr G P Dureja
0925-0940 Hrs Imaging of Spine and its Clinical Correlation Dr Pankaj N Surange
0940-1000 Hrs Discussion
1000-1015 Hrs "Low back pain-Update on epidural steroids and recent advances" Dr Karthic Babu Natarajan
1015-1035 Hrs Percutaneous Procedures for Disc decompression and Discogenic Pain
• Evidences
• Selection of techniques
Dr Yong Chul Kim
1035-1050 Hrs Complications of Intradiscal procedures
• Management
• Prevention
Dr Kailash Kothari
1050-1110 Hrs Discussion
1110-1130 Hrs Tea Break
1130-1150 Hrs Video Demonstration
• Transforaminal Endoscopic Laser Annuloplasty (TELA)
Dr Vaibhav Bhola
1150-1200 Hrs Discussion
1200-1220 Hrs Management of Failed Back Syndrome Dr MD Joshi
1220-1230 Hrs Discussion
1230-1250 Hrs Sacral epiduroscopic Laser Decompression(SELD) Dr Farnad Imani
1250-1300 Hrs Discussion
1300-1330 Hrs Case Presentation:
Degenerated disc and prolapse with modic changes and facet Arthropathy.
Dr Madhuri Lokapur
1330-1400 Hrs Lunch Break

Post Lunch Session: Percutaneous Endoscopic Disc Decompression

Time Topic Speaker
1400-1430 Hrs Detailed Anatomy relevant to Transforaminal endoscopic technique.
• Techniques: Inside-out and Outside-In
Dr. Palea Ovidiu Nicolae
1430-1445 Hrs Technical Aspects
• Endoscope
• Radiofrequency
• Lasers
• Drills and Burr
Dr Anurag Agrawal
1445-1500 Hrs Discussion
1500-1520 Hrs Interlaminar technique made easy Dr Manish Raj
1520-1540 Hrs Video Demonstration
• Tips and Tricks
Dr Gautam Das
1540-1600 Hrs Endoscopic Foraminoplasty Dr. Palea Ovidiu Nicolae
1600 -1630 hrs Case presentation & Discussion
• Inferiorly migrated disc with neurological deficit

Pre Lunch Session: Vertebral Augmentation

Time Topic Speaker
0900-0930 Hrs Spine fractures, pathologies and treatment options.
• Relevant Anatomy
• Components of spine fracture
Dr Gautam Das
0930-0940 Hrs Discussion
0940-1000 Hrs Conservative treatment options
• Medical management
• Braces
• Management of osteoporosis to prevent refractures
Dr Palak Mehta
1000-1010 Hrs Discussion
1010-1040 Hrs Indications, Imaging, Materials, Debate
• Patient selection, Best time to perform.
Dr Alexis Kelekis
1040-1100 Hrs Discussion
1100-1115 Hrs Tea Break
1115-1145 Hrs Technique and Troubleshooting
• Approaches for vertebral augmentation
• Technical overview
• Complications and how to deal with them
Dr Neeraj Jain
1145-1200 Hrs Discussion
1200-1230 Hrs Video Demonstration and discussion Dr Sunil Waghmare
1230-1300 Hrs Case discussion
• Spine fracture with Tuberculosis
1300-1400 Hrs Lunch Break

Post lunch session: Intrathecal Pumps and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Time Topic Speaker
1400-1430 Hrs Evidence- Based Medicine for Implantables
• Indications
• Medical Necessity
• Controversies
Dr Aman Ahuja
1430-1440 Hrs Discussion
1440-1510 Hrs Technical Aspects and Techniques
• Spinal Cord Stimulation
• Intrathecal Pumps
• Trial and Permanent Implants
Dr Hemant Kalia
1510-1520 Hrs Discussion
1520-1530 Hrs Tea Break
1530-1550 Hrs Approved Drugs for Intrathecal Drug delivery systems.
• Pharmacokinetics
• Side effects
• Doses
Dr Sushma Bhatnagar
1550-1600 Hrs Discussion
1600-1630 Hrs • Post Op care
• Prevention and Management of Complication
Dr. Philippe Mavrocordatos
1630-1650 Hrs Discussion and Quiz
1650-1720 Hrs DRG-An important therapeutic target. Dr. Basabjit Das

Pre Lunch Session: Regenerative Medicine

Time Topic Speaker
0900-0930 Hrs Fundamentals of Stem cell science
• Current Landscape of stem cells in Regenerative medicine
Dr (Brig) A Khetarpal
0930-0945 Hrs Discussion
0945-1000 Hrs Platelet Rich Plasma
• Biochemistry of PRP
• Preparation of PRP
• Science behind these therapies, clinical indications, and techniques
Dr Navita Purohit
1000-1010 Hrs Discussion
1010-1030 Hrs Tea Break
• BMC to Treat Osteoarthrits
• Current Evidence and Future
• Bone Marrow Aspirate
• Fluoro, Ultrasound or Blind?
• Multiple Sights or One Sight?
• Drill or No Drill?
Dr Mohammad Moniruzzaman
1050-1100 Hrs Discussion
1100-1120 Hrs Recent Advances in Regenerative therapies
• Discogenic Pain
• Osteoarthritis
Dr Karthic Babu N
1120-1130 Hrs Discussion
1130-1150 Hrs Stem cell for Neurodegenerative Disorders Dr Kumar
1150-1200 Hrs Discussion
1200-1300 Hrs Lunch Break

Post Lunch Session

Time Topic Speaker
1430-1450hrs Sono anatomy of shoulder,elbow,hip,knee,ankle Dr. Rolly
1450-1510 Hrs Sono Pathology of shoulder,elbow,hip,knee,ankle Dr.Nidhi Bhatnagar
1510-1520 Hrs Discussion
1520-1550 Hrs Shoulder Joint interventions Prof Md.Moniruzzman
1550-1610 Hrs Elbow-joint interventions Dr.Navita Purohit
1610-1620 Hrs Discussion
1620-1640 Hrs Hip joint interventions Prof Md.Moniruzzman
1640-1650 Hrs Discussion
1650-1730 Hrs Knee Dr Samy & Dr T C T Novy
1730-1740 Hrs Discussion
1740-1800 Hrs Ankle Prof Md.Moniruzzman & Dr Uma


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